Thursday, January 12, 2006

my little hamster

viper, the maltese pomeranian poodle.

caught sleeping curled up in my pink blanky, after a wild evening last night at the house in gig harbor. sporting her new short 'do. i love her hair short, though everyone calls her a hamster or a bunny when she's little and not fluffy.

andy burned her out of energy, and she's in bed an hour before normal, not wanting to move. she saved up just enough energy to smack right into the window the next morning when the paper boy arrived. sometimes i wish i was up at 4 am just to watch the whole process occur.

nah. i'd rather be asleep.

sweet dreams.


Anonymous said...

Long or short hair she still looks like a little football that needs to be punted across the room!
Love Ya!

shelley said...

Watch out, I'm pretty sure she's staying the night with you tomorrow in YOUR house! :)

Viper's heading to the 'Hammer...
Viper's heading to the 'Hammer...